More than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure every year.  Yet the increase use of medication to treat hypertension is NOT helping Americans to get healthier and reducing the number of cases diagnosed every year. Why is that?  You would think with advanced technology, we should be getting healthier and living longer.  Well, we are living longer, but not necessarily healthier.  I think the reason is because we are not focusing our attention on PREVENTION.  As soon as a patient is diagnosed, I would recommend trying to change the diet, lifestyle, and acupuncture first before resorting to medication right away. Give your body a chance to fight and regain its balance before introducing drugs and chemicals.  Patients are surprised that with consistent acupuncture treatments and sometimes in conjunction with herbal supplements, their blood pressure naturally drops to normal readings. It's not surprising, because of the beta-endorphins effect acupuncture initiates in the body upon insertion. I would encourage patients and our community to try alternative methods FIRST before quickly jumping on the medication bandwagon.

In other cases, I have seen acupuncture can help patients who have been taking blood pressure medication for years to stop increasing their dosage.  With acupuncture, the body can better absorb the effects of the medication and not fully develop a dependency on it. 

So, whether you are recently diagnosed or have had the diagnosis for years, acupuncture can still help.

Have you tried acupuncture yet?  It doesn't hurt and your health depends on it. 

- Mei Lin Maunakea

Image Credit By Sarah Pflug 

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