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More than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure every year.  Yet the increase use of medication to treat hypertension is NOT helping Americans to get healthier and reducing the number of cases diagnosed every year. Why is that?  You would think with advanced technology, we should be getting healthier and living longer.  Well, we are living longer, but not necessarily healthier.  I think the reason is because we are not focusing our attention on PREVENTION.  As soon as a patient is diagnosed, I would recommend trying to change the diet, lifestyle, and acupuncture first before resorting to medication right away. Give your body a chance to fight and regain its balance before introducing drugs and chemicals.  Patients are surprised that with consistent acupuncture treatments and sometimes in conjunction with herbal supplements, their blood pressure naturally drops to normal readings. It's not surprising, because of the beta-endorphins effect acupuncture initiates in the body upon insertion. I would encourage patients and our community to try alternative methods FIRST before quickly jumping on the medication bandwagon.

In other cases, I have seen acupuncture can help patients who have been taking blood pressure medication for years to stop increasing their dosage.  With acupuncture, the body can better absorb the effects of the medication and not fully develop a dependency on it. 

So, whether you are recently diagnosed or have had the diagnosis for years, acupuncture can still help.

Have you tried acupuncture yet?  It doesn't hurt and your health depends on it. 

- Mei Lin Maunakea

Image Credit By Sarah Pflug 

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The Truth About Bell's Palsy

The Truth About Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy can develop suddenly causing one side of the face to droop and lose function, such as difficulty with closing the eyelid and chewing food on the affected side.  This condition affects the function of the 7th Cranial Nerve.  Without proper and immediate treatment, this condition can persist for the rest of a person's life.  Many people, including doctors, are not aware of the efficacy of acupuncture therapy in the early stage of Bell's Palsy. 

In Chinese Medicine, we believe that Bell's Palsy is caused by a pathogen known as the Cold pathogen, and accompanied with severe stress, the immune system is susceptible to the entry of this pathogen.  Some patients report they experience headaches or achiness in the neck or back of the head before the onset of Bell's Palsy.

With acupuncture therapy, I have seen immediate and great results in restoring muscle function and elasticity of the skin within two weeks of treatments.  

Next time when you see a friend or family member with this condition, don't hesitate to refer him/her to our office right away!

-Mei Lin Maunakea

Image Credit to AllAboutVision.com

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TMJ Disorder

TMJ Disorder

"Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is a jaw joint that can be commonly affected by excessive clenching and stress.  Thin and fine acupuncture needles can fit perfectly and treat the affected muscle without pain.  Majority of my patients will start seeing results within a few treatment sessions.  We need to use our jaw to properly chew foods for good digestion, so without a proper working jaw, one can develop digestive issues as well.  Also, prolonged TMJ pain can cause ear and neck issues, such as tinnitus and neck pain.  Sometimes a visit to the dentist chair can cause TMJ pain from holding your mouth open for a prolonged period of time.  I would suggest getting acupuncture before and after a dental appointment to help reduce anxiety going to the dentist and relax the jaw muscles after the dental procedure.  It's time to try acupuncture and alleviate your jaw pain now." -Mei Lin Luo Maunakea

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