The Truth About Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy can develop suddenly causing one side of the face to droop and lose function, such as difficulty with closing the eyelid and chewing food on the affected side.  This condition affects the function of the 7th Cranial Nerve.  Without proper and immediate treatment, this condition can persist for the rest of a person's life.  Many people, including doctors, are not aware of the efficacy of acupuncture therapy in the early stage of Bell's Palsy. 

In Chinese Medicine, we believe that Bell's Palsy is caused by a pathogen known as the Cold pathogen, and accompanied with severe stress, the immune system is susceptible to the entry of this pathogen.  Some patients report they experience headaches or achiness in the neck or back of the head before the onset of Bell's Palsy.

With acupuncture therapy, I have seen immediate and great results in restoring muscle function and elasticity of the skin within two weeks of treatments.  

Next time when you see a friend or family member with this condition, don't hesitate to refer him/her to our office right away!

-Mei Lin Maunakea

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