One in four Americans develop insomnia each year.  Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?  Have you become dependent on Melatonin or other medications to help with sleep?  A less habit forming way is through acupuncture therapy.  Many patients report that they sleep better on the day of receiving acupuncture.  This is due to the release of endorphins in the body that helps to calm down the nervous system.  As the acupuncture treatments accumulate, it becomes easier for patients to fall asleep and stay asleep, there is also a less tendency of waking up with anxiety.  Many menopausal women have trouble with sleep, and acupuncture is a natural and safe method to help the body to find its balance and achieve a better rest through the night.  This also applies to patients with vivid dreams or wake up with nightmares.  Acupuncture therapy can help to reduce those incidences and induce a less active and more peaceful sleep.  I firmly believe Sleep is NOT overrated!  When it comes to sleep, quality is MORE important than quantity.  With a good night's sleep, you can function more efficiently and be more productive during the day.  Overtime with lack of sleep, it can affect memory, concentration and other bodily functions.  So, worry no more, try acupuncture and let it help you achieve your best beauty rest!  

~ Mei Lin Maunakea

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