A Patient with Parkinson's

“Acupuncture works wonders and can improve a person’s quality of life. I love what I do because I can help someone to feel better everyday. I have been helping a patient with insomnia, anxiety, poor appetite, constipation, and Parkinson’s disease for 8 months. This week she reported that her doctors have cut back on her medications, because of reduction in anxiety, improvement in her sleep quality and indigestion caused by her medications, and most important of all, her Parkinson’s HAS NOT gotten worse in the past 8 months. I was delighted to hear the news, and wanted to share with you that acupuncture CAN help to reduce medication dosage and maintain health over a period of time; after all, it is a natural medicine that will take time to take effect. At the same time, it is important to understand that it also takes patience and consistency to achieve the best result with acupuncture. I hope to see acupuncture incorporated into everyone’s lifestyle to achieve better health”

~ Mei Lin Maunakea

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