Type II Diabetes

More than a third of adults have prediabetes that can develop into Type II Diabetes if left untreated, and majority of these patients don't know that they have it unless blood work is done.  Most patients have to take medications to lower their blood sugar, because their bodies have developed insulin-resistance.  So how does acupuncture fit in the picture?!  Well, thousands of years ago, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Diabetes was described as the "Wasting and Thirsting Disease" or "Xiao Ke", where symptoms included excessive thirst, irritability, itchy skin, dry mouth and red, swollen gums.  Acupuncture can help to restore Qi/Vital Energy in the body and improve blood flow while nourishing and enhancing internal organ functions.  This prevents the condition from worsening. Acupuncture alone is not sufficient to treat this inflammatory disease, but along with proper dietary changes, exercise, and appropriate lifestyle changes, Diabetes can be prevented or possibly even reversed in the early stages.  Regular acupuncture treatments can also help to prevent the increase in dosages of diabetic medications.  There is very little risk in trying acupuncture compared to typical and sometimes severe sides effects of medications.  It's never too late, your body wants to be healthy, and acupuncture can help bring you one step closer to achieving that goal.  

~ Mei Lin Maunakea

Image Credit to Sarah Pflug

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