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About Our Forum

The purpose of our forum is to provide a positive, supportive and safe environment to exchange ideas, thoughts, raise questions and obtain answers on practically anything related to Chinese Medicine.


Our forum is free to all registered members and we welcome everyone's participation. We only ask that you follow the posting etiquette and guidelines outlined below.

To post a message, just follow these simple instructions:

    1.    Login to (you will need to register as a customer- it is free).
    2.    Select the “Add” button below the most recent post in the “Maunakea Acupuncture and Wellness Forum” page.
    3.    Type in a “Title” and add your comment in the “Comment” section.
    4.    Select the “Done” button to submit your post.

Your message will be reviewed by the administrator for approval and, if approved, will be posted to the forum.
To reply to a post, you must be viewing the original post to select the “Reply” button. Simply follow steps 3-4 as above, except please DO NOT change the title (leave as default).

If this is your first visit, please take some time to read the following posting etiquette.

Posting Etiquette and Guidelines    


    •    Be courteous.
    •    Be considerate.
    •    Keep an open mind.
    •    "Write" legibly - i.e. pLeAse dOn'T WriTe liKe tHiS.
    •    Stay on topic - Although okay & natural to stray off topic, please try to keep your discussions relevant to the topic. 
    •    Perform a search before you post to ensure that a similar topic has not already been covered.
    •    When quoting, try to quote only the parts of the passage related to your reply rather than quoting the whole post.


    •    Do not SHOUT - Remember using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in posts is considered yelling.
    •    Do not attack, insult, "flame" or abuse members, guests and moderators.
    •    Do not use explicit, obscene, vulgar, degrading or derogatory language.
    •    Direct and indirect commercial postings/solicitations are not allowed.
    •    Links to advertising (including signatures) are not allowed

Thank you! 

Please Note:
  • Administrators and moderators reserve the right to take appropriate action in situations where the above posting guidelines are not adhered to.
  • Posting guidelines may change at any time without prior notice. Check back here for updates.
  • All posts made here are the expressed views and opinions of their respective authors. As such, administrators, moderators, & webmaster will not be held liable.

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