Can Acupuncture Treat Female Infertility?

Can acupuncture help with female infertility? Short answer: Yes, it can. It should be understood that it does not have a 100% success rate, but even the most cutting edge fertility treatments cannot offer that either.

What is clear, though, is that fertility acupuncture treatments are especially effective when used during, and in conjunction with, In Vitro Fertilization. This was proven in a study by a German research team in 2002. They found that, when acupuncture was added to the regimen, the rate of pregnancy went from 26% to 42%, a very significant rise.

Another study, done by the University of Maryland, found the best results were achieved when acupuncture treatment was done on the same day as the embryo transfer.

Why Acupuncture is Effective in Treating Infertility

Modern scientists aren't completely certain how this area of Traditional Chinese Medicine creates these benefits. The most favored theory is that acupuncture increases the embryos' chances for implantation because it causes higher blood flow to the uterus, thickening the lining.

For those not undergoing IVF, there are also advantages. Treatments are beneficial for countering a variety of the issues that can impede or even prevent pregnancy.

Consultation with a knowledgeable acupuncturist is essential for determining if acupuncture is the appropriate path for the infertility issues you're facing.

At the very least, treatments can reduce the inevitable mental, physical and emotional effects of stress that result when couples try to get pregnant. That alone can bring rewards that will make this process easier - for both of you.

Find Out Fertility Acupuncture Treatments are Right for You

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